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Counselling with Liz

Unburden, Discover, Change


Meet Liz

I have been working as a qualified Counsellor since 2018. I specialise in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I see counselling as a journey towards wholeness and restoration, and look forward to helping you.

Seasons of life

We all experience seasons in our lives and the changing of seasons can often evoke crisis moments where we may need some additional help.  Whether it is the birth of a child or a child leaving home (or the tricky moments in-between), a relationship breakdown or stress-related burnout, an unresolved issue from childhood or coming to terms with ageing; sometimes we need someone who can provide a non-judgemental safe space for us to unburden, discover what is going on and help to change the way we feel and react.  Counselling provides this opportunity.


What can I expect?

I work holistically looking at the physical, emotional and thinking aspects of who we are and how this is impacted by our environment and what we do.

Through offering the chance to unburden, I work with you to discover what has led to your unique problems and how, with help, you can bring the change you want to see.

My Specialisms

I work as an integrative counsellor drawing on different modalities to suit my client's needs. The areas I specialise in are:


Working to discover the underlying cause. Finding better ways to cope, changing behaviours with a focus on achievable goals.


Working with circles of influence to identify areas of control. Breath work and mindfulness.

Bereavement and Loss

Listening to your story. Giving permission to grieve, integrating and accepting loss.


Helping understand what is going on in the brain in response to trauma and using compassion focused therapy to bring change

Self Esteem and Acceptance

Discovering the inner child and learning to love the person at the heart of who you are.


Tackling negative automatic thoughts and replacing them with different ways of thinking


Working together on boundary setting, communications skills, love languages to help create stronger relationships


Who do you work with?
And where?

I work with adults over the age of 18 years.

I offer face to face counselling in Shaftesbury, North Dorset (SP7).

I also offer telephone counselling and online sessions via Zoom or Teams.

How many sessions?

Clients normally choose 8-12 sessions with a review after 6 sessions. Some clients find they need longer.


If there are complex issues, work can continue for a year or longer.  

How much does it cost?

What Clients Say

“Thank you for being the best Counsellor to me ... you have honestly saved my life!”


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